Develop automobile transportation services and make full use of various types of transportation vehicles to provide customers with comprehensive and flexible trunk transportation services. Provide linkage services for regional chain, door-to-door, special and professional customers.

We promise: "Deliver on time without delay"

No matter when and where, no matter the difficulties and obstacles, we will be delivered on time, rain or shine.

We provide: "Quality Guarantee and Comprehensive Service"

No matter what logistics service you need, all you need to do is think of us.

We insist: "Unremitting efforts to pursue excellence"

There is no end to the road ahead. We will unite and cooperate, and we will never give up, to create a far-reaching Shinkansen with better service for you.

Provide the circulation of scattered goods between cities in various regions of the country, provide fixed-point, fixed-time, and fixed-line fast cycle shuttle services; connect the group network to form a shuttle line, and further connect each line to build a comprehensive logistics network; better provide customers with free Seamless and convenient supply chain service plan.