Calculation of container liner freight

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Calculation of container liner freight

(1) The structure of freight in container transportation

The calculation principle of freight in container liner transportation is similar to the calculation principle of freight in general cargo liner transportation, but it also has its own characteristics. For example, some loading and unloading cost clauses in charter transportation have also been introduced into container liner transportation.

(2) Billing method

That is, the basic freight and additional freight are stipulated in the rate table, and the rate and calculation method are given.

There are two basic freight calculation methods in container liner transportation:

① Adopt the same method of calculating the basic freight of ordinary general cargo liner transportation, and calculate the basic freight according to the grade of the goods and different billing standards for specific routes.

②For specific routes, the basic freight rate is calculated according to the cargo class, box type, and size of the box, or only based on the box type and size of the box, regardless of the type and level of the goods.

The package rate refers to the freight rate calculated and collected for a unit container.

The package rate is also called "Flat Rate (FAK)". When the package rate is used to calculate the basic freight of a container, it is only necessary to multiply the rate specified by the specific route, cargo level, box type and size by the number of boxes.

The surcharge in container liner transportation is similar to that in general cargo liner transportation.

(3) Demurrage

The demurrage in container liner transportation refers to the cost charged by the carrier to the owner of the container when the owner fails to go to the designated container yard or container freight station to pick up the goods and return the container within the prescribed free storage practice In practice, it is also called demurrage. Demurrage charges are calculated on a daily basis.