The role of international rail freight transportation

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1. Conducive to the development of trade with Eurasian countries

Connecting the Eurasian continent by rail provides favorable conditions for trade between developing, Near East and European countries. In the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, my country’s international trade was mainly confined to Eastern European countries. Railway transportation accounted for about 50% of my country’s total import and export cargo transportation, which was the main mode of transportation for my country’s import and export trade at that time. After entering the 1960s, with the development of my country's maritime cargo transportation, although the proportion of railway transportation of import and export goods has declined, its role is still very important. Since the 1950s, most of my country's import and export goods with North Korea, Mongolia, Vietnam, and the former Soviet Union have been transported by rail; my country and some countries in Western Europe, Northern Europe and the Middle East have also been transported by international rail transport. Transportation of export goods.

2. It is conducive to the development of trade with Hong Kong and Macau, and re-export trade through Hong Kong

Rail transport is a mode of transportation for the mainland to carry out trade with Hong Kong and Macau. Hong Kong and Macau have always supplied daily necessities from the mainland. As the mainland's exports to the region continue to expand, the transportation is gradually increasing. Do a good job in transporting Hong Kong and Macau to Hong Kong and Macau. It is very important politically and economically to meet the requirements of high quality, proper quantity, balance, and timeliness. In order to ensure the market supply in the region, direct express trains have been opened from the mainland to the region, which has played a positive role in the prosperity and stability of the Hong Kong and Macau markets, as well as the economic development of the region.

Hong Kong is a world-famous free port and has very close ties with all parts of the world. There are more regular flights by sea and air. As a base for re-export trade, it carries out land-air and land-sea combined transportation to help my country develop its cooperation with countries in Southeast Asia, Europe, America, Africa, and Oceania. Regional trade plays an important role in ensuring my country’s export earnings.

3. It plays an important role in the collection and distribution of import and export goods in ports and the circulation of commodities between provinces and cities

my country has a vast territory. Most of the seaborne imported goods are transported by rail from ports to the consignees in the Mainland, and most of the seaborne export goods are also concentrated from the inland to the ports by rail. Therefore, railway transportation is an important distribution method for my country's international cargo transportation. As for the transfer of foreign trade commodities, raw materials, semi-finished products and packaging materials between domestic provinces, cities and regions, it is mainly done through railway transportation. Most of my country's international trade import and export goods are transported by rail, which plays an important role in my country's international cargo transportation.

4. It is the only way to use the Eurasian Land Bridge for transportation

Land bridge transportation refers to a continuous container transportation method that uses railway or road transportation systems on the mainland as an intermediate bridge to connect the oceans at both ends of the continent.

Land bridge transportation generally uses containers as the medium and uses the international railway system for transportation. The railway container transportation of the Siberian Continental Bridge and the New Eurasian Continental Bridge currently opened by my country has the advantages of safety, speed and economy. This mode of transportation provides convenient transportation conditions for the development of trade between my country and the Central, Near East and European countries. In order to meet the needs of my country's economic and trade development, the use of these two continental bridges to carry out railway container transportation is also a must, which will promote the development of international trade between my country and these countries and regions.